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Excellence in Education Awards

Each year, the Newton Community Educational Foundation accepts nominations and awards teachers with Excellence in Education awards.

2023 Excellence in Education Recipients

Aurora Heights- Lea Kunkel

Emerson Hough - Trey Vanderlaan

Woodrow Wilson - Lucas Warner

Berg Middle School - William Edgar & Donny Fitzgerald

Newton Senior High - Brian Cleveland & James Horn

WEST Academy - Zac Plank

Check out the Newton Daily News Article Here's to Teachers:

Year Name School
2013 Michelle Modlin Aurora Heights
2013 Tami Smith Berg Elementary
2013 Jamie Cranston Emerson Hough
2013 Deb Stoulil Woodrow Wilson
2013 Linda Sinclair Thomas Jefferson
2013 Donna Fitzgerald Berg Middle School
2013 Jody Smith Newton High School
2013 Charlet Daft Basics and Beyond
2014 Mary Bartels Berg Elementary
2014 Mike Castings Thomas Jefferson
2014 Marlene Huggins Aurora Heights
2014 Amy Jolivette Woodrow Wilson
2014 Shelly Fitzgerald Berg Middle School
2014 Sarah Patterson Newton High School
2015 Deborah Rose Berg Middle School
2015 Jen Elbert Berg Elementary
2015 Kim Vanderlaan Aurora Heights
2015 Desia Kies Newton High School
2015 Marla Coy Thomas Jefferson
2015 Cori Latcham Woodrow Wilson
2015 Alyssa Lewis Newton High School
2015 Scott Garvis NHS-Above and Beyond
2016 Jayne Freese Aurora Heights
2016 Kathy Ventling Basics and Beyond
2016 Krysten Osby Berg Elementary
2016 Niki Hively Newton High School
2016 Megan Frehse Thomas Jefferson
2016 Doug Smith Woodrow Wilson
2016 Karen King Above and Beyond
2017 Ann Nelson Above and Beyond
2017 Jo Ellen Linn Berg Middle School
2017 Melissa Sommars Thomas Jefferson
2017 Pat Riley Newton High School
2017 Ryan Comer WEST Academy
2017 Susan Sheeks Aurora Heights
2018 Todd Lucas Newton High School
2018 Kristi Peters Woodrow Wilson
2018 Paula Lureman Thomas Jefferson
2018 Meggan Machin Emerson Hough
2018 Brian Springer WEST Academy
2018 Denny Klingensmith Above and Beyond Award
2019 Tracey Swanson WEST Academy
2019 Taylor Marsho Aurora Heights
2019 Sara Shockey Emerson Hough
2019 Melissa Bennett Thomas Jefferson Elementary
2019 Gary Larsson Berg Middle School
2019 Doree Ward Newton High School
2020 Chase Dickinson Berg Middle School
2020 Emilee Brisel Woodrow Wilson
2020 Philip Calvin WEST Academy
2020 Brooke Kuker Thomas Jefferson
2020 Andrea Hogeland Newton High School
2020 Lora Caves Aurora Heights Elementary
2020 Miranda Bratland Emerson Hough Elementary
2020 The Brody Family Above and Beyond Award
2021 Judy Nissly WEST Academy
2021 Hannah Scotton Woodrow Wilson
2021 Dallas VanderPol Woodrow Wilson
2021 Jaybe Freese Berg Middle School
2021 JoEllen Linn Berg Middle School
2021 Jennifer Norvel Thomas Jefferson Elementary
2021 Alisha Calow Emerson Hough Elementary
2021 Jennifer Jensen Aurora Heights Elementary
2021 Molly Kremer Aurora Heights Elementary
2021 Ashley Carter Newton High School
2021 Sarah Patterson Newton High School
2022 Alyse Bretthauer Aurora Heights
2022 Mary Bartels Emerson Hough
2022 Denise Townsend Thomas Jefferson
2022 Kara Avis Woodrow Wilson
2022 Andrew Kuker Berg Middle School
2022 Lori Gilmore Newton High School
2022 Katie Byrum West Academy